Belts in BJJ

There is a very strong bias against devaluing belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is good because it means that when you do finally achieve a belt, you know it’s been worth it.

Here’s a good comparison between belts and academic achievements:

White belt – none yet.

Blue belt – university entrance (matriculation).

Purple belt – first (bachelor’s) degree.

Brown belt – master’s degree.

Black belt – doctorate.


3 thoughts on “Belts in BJJ

  1. I can agree with the Purple, Brown and Black belt assessment. However, I would argue that the Blue belt represents a junior or senior and the White belt equals freshmen. A White belt with 4 stripes could equal a sophomore.

  2. I agree with white for having no achievements – you’re fresh and new. And the big jump of blue shows how much there is to learn as a whitebelt.

  3. Coming close to blue now, I can say that it’s like reaching the top of the hill… and catching sight of the mountains beyond.

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