I’ve been reading Halfway to Venus, Sarah Anderson’s memoir about having one arm: an experience enriched for me by the fact that when I met her on the train I never even noticed the empty sleeve.

She says at one point that being one-armed is in some ways more disabling than being one-legged, since losing a leg makes locomotion difficult but losing an arm transforms one’s life completely. My first thought was that I hadn’t thought of it like that – and naturally my second thought was: how would having only one arm transform one’s jiu-jitsu?

The answer is that it doesn’t stop one from becoming a black belt. A One-Armed Guide to Jiu Jitsu describes exactly how the black belt Aaron Lapointe deals with the situation, and his opponents. Like any black belt’s description of his own game, it makes one think more deeply about one’s own.

Off to Breakin’ Convention this weekend, and coincidentally ILL-Abilities will be performing again.