Reading emails scrambled by Eudora

Eudora is the best email program there is, but it is dead. Being dead, it cannot be upgraded to display messages with international characters in them. “Saumon fumé” is displayed as “Saumon fumé”, but “Wędzony łosoś” is displayed as “WÄ™dzony Å‚osoÅ›”.

If you get such a scrambled email, here are two ways of reading it.

On the web

Visit this converter page and copy and paste the received email into it.

On your computer (Windows)

  1. Open Notepad. (If you can’t see an icon for it, hold down the Windows key, press R, and then type notepad into the box).
  2. Paste the received email into it.
  3. Go back to the beginning of the email, and post the following three characters into it, with no spaces between them: ï»¿
  4. Save the document. In the “Encoding” box in the Save window, make sure “ANSI” is selected.
  5. Close Notepad.
  6. Open the saved document. It will now be readable.