A 19th-century cryptogram

On a wall in the cloister at Eichstätt, there is a funerary plaque:


The typography seems whimsical, which is why I took the picture. It reminded me of a 16th-century Latin book whose printer did not possess a lower-case italic W:


…and had to put a capital W into the name Chodkiewicz. But the capital letters D, I, V, C,… are not rare or exotic.

Hold on – they are also Roman numerals…

And indeed, if you add up the capital letters in the sentence that tells us that he died on the 24th of May, you get V+I+I+M+V+I+L+I+C+L+I+D+V+C+V, which adds up to 1825, which is the year in which Peter Pustett died. And if you try the same exercise on the sentence which says that he was ordained bishop on the 3rd of October, you get 1824.